State audit finds many money problems in Clarkton

State audit finds many money problems in Clarkton
By: Ryan Tate
CLARKTON, Mo. - Missouri's Auditor's Office returned the findings of its investigation into the finances of Clarkton.  What they discovered in the Northern Bootheel town is a history of mismanaged funds and lack of accountability.
According to the Audit, "Due to inadequate cash balances in some funds throughout the last several years, the city of Clarkton has at times paid bills from whichever funds had money available."  This is the opening line of the audit.  According to City Clerk Pamela Allen, the city finances were a mess when she took the job in February 2005.
"It was quite overwhelming," Allen said. According to the audit, "after taking office in February 2005, she [Allen]found $3,511 in cash in city hall.  This money was kept segregated in the change drawer.  Throughout the year it was used to make deposits into various city accounts that needed funds."
"The city did not have an audit since 1999. And everyone we contacted didn't want to touch it," Allen said.
Allen says she does not expect any penalties from the State. Heartland News contacted the former City Clerk, Wanda Crowter, she did have a comment about the audit.