Manhunt continues in deputy shooting

Manhunt continues in deputy shooting
By: Erica Byfield

McCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. - A lot of questions still surround what happened early Wednesday morning in McCracken County, and now law enforcement officers in Kentucky may be on the brink of getting answers.

The manhunt for the shooter that started Wednesday has not stopped and Sheriff Frank Augustus said it could be gaining speed.
Law enforcement agencies are not taking this latest attack on one of their own lightly. 
Groups of officers from various departments including Kentucky State Police and the McCracken County Sheriff's Department spent the majority of two days, on the clock and off, on the hunt.
"We we're out looking around because you don't see actually road blocks don't mean we're not out looking for the this guy," said Trooper Barry Meadows. 
The desire to find answers may pay off.  Since the initial announcement of the search KSP's received several tips from the public, officers are working to follow up.
Plus, state technicians found something of interest on the hood of Deputy Harding's car.
"We found some foreign fingerprints some usable prints that they picked up and took back to Frankfort for comparison," said Meadows. 
He adds these are steps in the right direction and have the possibility to crack the case, "It's something we can use and may pan out to be something solid we'll see how that goes."
Meadows mentioned detectives combed the area closely Wednesday and feel they've gathered all usable evidence and hopes with persistence and good old fashion police work they'll be able catch up with the shooter.
"This is a serious issue and or crime and anytime you have someone that brazen to approach a law enforcement officer we take that very seriously," said Meadows. 
Deputy Harding is expected to be out of work at least a month.
The sheriff said when he's ready, he'll have the opportunity to sit down and talk to someone about his experience.