Cascade 2 in 1 Action Pacs

Does it Work Wednesday
Cascade 2 in 1 Action Pacs

By: Lauren Keith
At Trinity Lutheran Early Learning Center in Cape Girardeau, kids learn, have fun, and snack! In between all of that, it's understandable they're going to make a mess. That's exactly why I chose a daycare like this to test Proctor and Gamble's new dishwashing product.
P&G claims with two products - Dawn and Cascade - your dirty dishes don't have a chance. We'll see if the 2 in 1 Action Pacs really can clean off sticky banana pudding bowls, a pot filled with leftover homemade Playdoh, and kiddie cups. Plus, you see it on the label, there's no need to pre wash.
So, both cook Amber Kuehn and I think that means either you don't have to rinse your dirty dishes at all before putting them in the dishwasher, or you don't have to use the pre wash cycle on your machine. So, to be fair, we'll test both ways.
We only rinse off some of the dishes and we Don't use the pre wash cycle on the dishwasher. Amber places the bowls she rinsed off on the left side of the bottom rack. The dirty ones go on the right side. Also, we did not rinse the pot with the playdoh, or this plastic container.
"Seems like a really small packet for all of that," I note.
Next, we wait for the dishwasher to cycle. An hour passes, and then it's time to check the results.
"Oh wow, look at that!" I say.
The dirty pot now sparkles.  The dirty bowls are spotless, and that messy container is completely stain-free.
"I think it deserves an A!" says Amber.
But not so fast. On Does it Work Wednesday, we also see if you get the most out of your hard-earned dollar. That's where daycare director Karen Drury steps in. She's in charge of the daycare's budget, which includes buying things like dishwasher detergent.
"Just account of price, I'd give it a B+," said Drury.
Now you decide.  Twenty of the action pacs sell for $3.50.  That's about 13 and a half ounces of liquid and detergent, according to the package.  Meantime, you can buy a large 75 ounce container of liquid Cascade for $2.97, making these little packs a bit pricey.
"I'd go clip some coupons and use it!" says Amber.
The Cascade 2 in 1 action packs are powerful, and the pre measured packets are handy, but the price knocks them down to a B+ on this Does it Work Wednesday test.