Surviving Breast Cancer: Bosom Buddies

Surviving breast cancer: Bosom Buddies
By: Tiffany Sisson
If you've been through a difficult situation, then you know having someone to fall back on can be a real lifesaver, not just physically, but emotionally as well. That includes surviving a diagnosis of breast cancer.
The words close, intimate, a place for secret thoughts and feelings, best describe the relationship between a group of women who come together one night a month because of breast cancer. What started out as a support group blossomed into lifelong bosom buddies.
"I knew that if I got it, I'd make it. I was gonna fight it," exclaimed Anna Marie Urhahn, a breast cancer survivor.
Debbie Campbell, also a bosom Buddy said, "I was very fortunate. It was right before I was 50. So, had I waited another year or two, it would have been a lot more than what I had."
Together, the women confronted a disease. Now, they laugh at the possibility of the demise of cancer. "You learn to laugh a lot. You look for the better things in life," said Urhahn.
The foundation of that foresight is what created a close circle of friends with cancer. "I just wanted to hear the word remission. I wanted to hear I was ok," said Campbell.
"If we have doubts, then we talk to our friends. We've got bosom buddies," said Urhahn.
Friendships were found because of what many of them lost. "It's very tough! The doctor calls you and gives you the results of your biopsy, and as soon as you hear the word, cancer, you just stop. I mean your whole life just stops. You try to take a breath, and you're going, ok, I can do this," said Campbell.
Bosom Buddies formed as a result of a program called Turning Point, a start for women in their first year of treatment for breast cancer. "It's just nice to come and see other women at different stages, all at different stages. Some are 30,40 year survivors, and some had their surgery a week or two before us," said Campbell.
But, none of them is facing breast cancer alone. "You're in that shell shock so bad. To see someone else, and say wow that's where I'm gonna be in 2 months, or that's where I wanna be a year from now," said Campbell.
Bosom Buddies is sponsored by Southeast Hospital. The women come together at least once a month.