Former Chief of Staff visits the Heartland

Former Chief of Staff visits the Heartland
By: Arnold Wyrick
CARBONDALE, Il. - From the halls of Congress to the steps of the White House former Chief of Staff Andrew Card has been involved in some of our nation's most trying times.  He's served under President Ronald Reagan, and President George H. Bush, and most recently with President George W. Bush.
Card stopped off on the SIU campus for a little one on one with students, and the media on Tuesday.  He dove right into the current state of affairs regarding the situation in North Korea.
"If in fact they've detonated a nuclear device underground, I think it's entirely appropriate that we have a multi-lateral response to this then just a bi-lateral response.  After all the parties with the greatest interest are not the United States.  They happen to be South Korea and Japan.  And obviously China and Russia have to care an awful lot because they border North Korea," Card said.
Taking a look at things a little closer to home,  Card talked about the political scandal swirling on Capital Hill around the GOP,  and former Congressman Mark Foley.
"It's a political challenge, and it's a political challenge that has an impact on the president's party.  And he feels strongly, I know that he does that the emails that are in the public domain are horrific and shouldn't be there.  There shouldn't have been any emails like that.  There shouldn't be any emails by any member of Congress and a page.  The Executive Branch of the government and the FBI's investigation into this matter, I'm sure will satisfy the people when it's done," Card said.
A much more taunting task facing our nation, is the continuing War on Terror.  And it's a battle that our nation is going to have to fight no matter where it rears it's ugly head.
"We pay very close attention to the Horn of Africa and Somalia for example.  And obviously the situation in Sudan is one that is extremely troubling.  And we don't want the terrorists to find safe haven there to mount attacks beyond that land," Card said.
Card's speaking engagement at Southern Illinois University is the first of it's kind at a college campus since leaving the White House in April of this year.  He'll wrap up his stay in Carbondale with a speech Tuesday evening at Shyrock Auditorium.