Call goes out for volunteer firefighters

Call goes out for volunteer firefighters
By: Erica Byfield
McCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. - Hundreds of heartland workers serve double duty holding down full time jobs and volunteering as firefighters. It's those same individuals who put their lives on the line that are asking you to sign up.
"We're hoping to catch people's attention; we've never tried anything like this before," said Bob McGowan the Concord Fire Department Chief, "volunteerism across the nation is dwindling especially daytime volunteers we're so short handed during the week."
So, his department along with the other four in the county came up with a 30 second television commercial to ask you to volunteer.
"We're trying to protect lives and this is a very important job we need people to get involved and volunteer," mentioned McGowan.
To become a volunteer firefighter you need to fill out and submit a simple two page application and if accepted you be invited to join one of the five McCracken Fire Departments.
According to the national volunteer fire council, volunteers make up more than 70 percent of the firefighters in the county.  And since 1983 the nations seen a decline in people signing up, while calls for help steadily increase.
"It's a job that has to be done 365 days a year and we need people to get the job done," added McGowan.
There are 10 stations in McCracken which protect a combined property value of more than 1.6 billion.
McGowan said last year alone they responded to 1500 calls and hopefully this ad will help them convince a few others to join the ranks.
The McCracken County fire departments started running the commercial on Monday and gathered enough money for 100 advertisements to air on for cable channels.