Goodyear strike affects workers and community

Goodyear strike affects workers and community
By: Erica Byfield

UNION CITY, Tn. - Monday marks the fifth day of an international strike of Goodyear union workers. More than two thousand employees walked out of the Union City plant Thursday afternoon.

Now, days later the reality of the situation is setting in not only with the workers but the community. "It's a small community so basically everybody knows everybody," said Anita Jones.

The close knit feeling is fairly apparent in less than a city block I spotted at least 15 signs supporting these workers. "A lot of people they don't understand, they think you work for Goodyear you already have what you need," said Jones.

Jones' father is a retired Goodyear worker and her husband mike is on the picket line. "I have a husband that works our there, he's worked there in 9 years," said Jones.

With the holiday season peeking just around the corner the loss of his income could be a hardship. "It's hard because you never know from day to day and when they're going to go back to work," said Jones.

Until then, Jones says her husbands working odd jobs and searching for some type of regular employment. "He's looking for a job and we're just hoping and praying he will find something until it's time to go back."

Meanwhile, the supplies and gifts of well wishers are piling up on the front lines anonymous donors left donations of food and drinks. Plus, on Saturday a local Pizza Hut whipped together 120 pies for the strikers.

Anita Jones adds that's the type of support both her father and husband need since they're walking the line for their families and the community.    
After three weeks of striking workers will get $100 a week from the union; $75 to a local grocery store and $25 for gas.