Families come together to punt, pass and kick the weekend away

Families come together to punt, pass and kick the weekend away
By: CJ Cassidy
CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - Boys and girls from across the Heartland were in Cape Girardeau to take part in the NFL Pepsi Punt, Pass, and Kick Challenge.
Competitors had to win at the local level to move on to the sectional championships that went on today.
While only five top scorers will advance to the team championships, parents we spoke with say everyone's a winner in their eyes.
Sarah MacFarlane and Sarah Boerboom both believe football's anyone's game.
The 12-year-old from Murphysboro and the 8-year-old from Cape Girardeau were tongue tied in front of the camera, but they weren't shy when it came to giving it their best on the field.
"I hope I win," MacFarlane announced, with a big smile.
Her mother watched from the bleachers, saying win or lose, she's just happy to see her daughter so focused on achieving her personal best as she punts, kicks and passes.
"I like to keep her active and busy. It's a good thing for all the kids," Leah MacFarlane says.
"We have moms and dads grandmas, grandpas, aunts uncles. It's truly a family event, and it's grown to include as many girls as boys," Charlie Herbst, one of the organizers of the event, tells Heartland News.
Sarah Boerboom says performing in front of her loved ones can be nerve wracking, but keeping up with her dad, a football coach - keeps her motivated.
"I will be very sad if I don't win, but I'll be back!" she says.
Boerboom placed second in her age category, while Sarah MacFarlane placed first.
The top five sectional winners now go to the St. Louis Rams Team Championships in November.
Organizers say the event helps foster healthy competition, and they were thrilled with the turnout.