No-smoking issue affecting Illinois restaurants and counties

No-smoking issue affecting Illinois restaurants and counties
By: Ryan Tate
With Paducah's city government banning smoking in restaurants and bars, the discussion of smoking bans continues be heard across the Heartland.
A pair of Union County restaurant owners decided to go smoke free in their business. 
Cyndee Hathy owns "The Four Corners" restaurant in Jonesboro. She went smoke-free two and a half years ago.
"My mother died from smoking and a customer came in one day and said he had cancer from smoking cigarettes. So that's when I decided to change," Hathy said. "I wish I had done it earlier."
The Southern Seven Health Department put up a billboard outside of Anna promoting a quit line for cigarette users to call to help them kick the habit.  They tell Heartland News the number of calls has tripled over the past two years.
"I believe it's going to be difficult for the local city and county governments to pass smoking bans, but the state is looking into it for the obvious health reasons," Tricia Moehring of the Southern Seven Health Department said.
Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich signed a law earlier this year making it legal for cities and municipalities to pass smoking bans.