Teen shoots and kills neighbor's pet pig

Teen shoots and kills neighbor's pet pig
By: Wes Wallace
SCOTT CITY, Mo. - It's a story involving a pet pig, a bow and arrow, plus a not so neighborly dispute between neighbors.
"I was just out hunting deer on a neighbor's property.  He gave me permission a while ago, so I was following some deer and then I saw this hog."  explains a 16-year-old from Scott City.  His father asked us not to reveal his name.
The teen explains he then called a friend and hunting mentor, after talking a few minutes, got the OK to shoot the pig.  "I thought it was a feral hog, I'd heard about them coming over this way.  It had tusks and looked wild,"  says the teen.
It was only after he shot and killed the pig, did he find out the pig was a pet.
"It's a bad situation,"  says Craig Ancell, Mary the pig's owner, "I think people need to know what they're shooting before they shoot."
Ancell tells Heartland News the power went off recently at his house, so the electric fence keeping Mary in was out.   So the three hundred plus pound Vietnamese potbellied pig pushed under the fence and escaped.
Ancell and the teen both claim the other didn't handle the situation with care.  However, the young man's father says the statements made about his son just aren't true.
"The things he's saying and doing is making my son sound like a criminal, and he's not a criminal."
Meanwhile Craig Ancell and the teenager do agree on one thing, it's a hard way to learn a lesson.
"It's all a mistake, you learn from mistakes,"  says the 16-year old.
"I would like people to know it's a huge loss we've taken and they need to be aware of feral pigs and what's a pet pig,"  says Ancell.
Ancell's girlfriend Jessica Sims is Mary the pig's owner.  Simms tells Heartland News she's planning on taking legal action.