Burglary ring busted

Burglary ring busted
By: CJ Cassidy

BENTON, Mo. - Police nab a couple allegedly operating a burglary ring in Scott County, and it was their very ugly car that apparently ended their crime spree.

It may be one for the stupid criminal file. Police say the getaway car shouldn't stand out, this one did. "I happened to glance up, and see the car drive out of the driveway," Michael LeGrand says. He didn't think twice, and continued farming his field.

When he realized he'd been burglarized, LeGrand remembered the car. "It's extremely ugly. It's a white car with blue bumpers and there's probably not another one like it in the world. The couple's ignorant as far as I'm concerned," he says.

Scott County Sheriff Rick Walter says someone else soon spotted the car in Charleston, and when investigators tracked it down, they arrested Dewey Johnston and Cassandra Winters. "The female would drop the male off, and he would go up inside the residence," Walter says.

Investigators recovered stolen property adding up to more than $10,000, believed to be from the three homes the couple burglarized in Scott County.

Dewey Johnston's also wanted for a home invasion in Northern Illinois. "He's a very violent, mean person, and I can't tell you how happy I am, to get him off the streets," Sheriff Walter says.

Michael LeGrand's grateful to investigators and his neighbors for their efforts. Now he looks forward to putting his life back together. "It will probably be six months before we get our wedding rings and things back," he says.

The couple is being held in the Scott County Jail. Police say try not to open your door to strangers, and speak from behind a closed door whenever possible. If you feel threatened, call police immediately.