Small Illinois school working to keep kids safe

Small Illinois school working to keep kids safe
By: Arnold Wyrick

Elkville, IL - With the recent shootings at rural schools throughout the nation, schools in Southern Illinois are reviewing their safety procedures. In the Elverado School District in Jackson County the schools are much more remotely located.
Principal Belinda Conner's says there are advantages, and disadvantages to the campus settings.
"There is a safety factor when you know everyone, and everybody feels comfortable around one another.  But now we're isolated and safety services are farther away.  Police, Fire, and ambulances all of these services are farther from us then they would be from city school," Conner said.
So in order to keep an eye on what's happening around the buildings, and inside the schools, the district installed security cameras.
"We can see the front doors, and up and down the hallways.  We've added a buzz in system here in our Elementary school.  So people can not enter without buzzing into the office.  And then someone in the office can see their face, and unlocks the door from a remote location," Conner said.
Tough measures in these times of school shootings.  But necessary procedures in order to keep everyone safe at school.
"I think our kids are safe.  But I also think that there's always more that we can do," Conner said.
And the district plans on doing just that in the months ahead.  They'll place more security cameras inside the Elementary school.  And then begin looking into building a fence around the campus to prevent strangers from walking on unnoticed.