Four-year-old crashes car into house

Four-year-old crashes car into house
By: Wes Wallace
POPLAR BLUFF, Mo - Most states require you to be at least 16-years-old to get a driver's license.  Tuesday morning, a Poplar Bluff youngster got a head start on learning the rules of the road.
"I came home from running errands and looked and saw the tracks in my yard," says Mary Poindexter, "They went all the up and I looked up and this is what I saw."   Poindexter points to broken glass, damaged siding, and a big hole in the front of her home.
Apparently, her neighbor's four year old boy knocked the car out of gear and rolled down the street and into the house.   He wasn't hurt.   Poindexter thinks the boy's father started the car, ran back inside top get something, and that's when the joyride started.
"I wasn't home, if I was, I might have been in my bedroom, but I count my blessings I wasn't hurt, and that the boy wasn't hurt either," says Poindexter.
The neighbor apologized, Poindexter says she's not upset, but she's not looking forward to cleaning up the mess.