Bloomfield High School vandalized after losing two students

Cody Boone
Cody Boone

Bloomfield High School vandalized after losing two students
By: CJ Cassidy

BLOOMFIELD, Mo - Students and teachers at Bloomfield High School struggle to deal with the loss of two of their own. Cody Boone and Chris Daniels, both 16, died in an car crash, Monday.

The driver, 16-year-old Kendall Pullum recovers in a Cape Girardeau hospital.
But that wasn't all teachers had to deal with. The Principal arrived at the high school to discover vandals had struck overnight.
It was such a big mess he canceled classes, and that meant putting off helping students deal with their pain.
The damage itself inside adds up to tens of thousands of dollars, according to Principal Eric Boles, who pointed out smashed doors and windows, shattered copiers, ripped off surveillance cameras and wrecked more than 25 computers.
Still Boles remained positive investigators with the Bloomfield Police Department and Stoddard County Sheriff's Department would track down the culprits.
In the meantime he focuses on the help he's seen from teachers and staff, and other members of the community, for their help and support getting through this tragic time.
"No one was hurt. We'll bring in grief counselors tomorrow (Wednesday). In the light of all the school violence we've seen lately, the vandalism is relatively minor," he says.
Police couldn't say if the two incidents were connected, but students we talked with say they think they might be, and add that nothing anyone does will bring the boys back.
Meanwhile, Cody Boone's brother, Brandon Marvel says he'll always remember his brother's smile, and says he plans on leaning on his friends for their support.