Baking jobs coming to Southern Illinois

Baking jobs coming to Southern Illinois
By: Arnold Wyrick

DuQuoin, IL - It's been a little more than a year since workers at the General Henry Plant in Du Quoin learned they'd lose their jobs.  After more than 15 years in the region the company decided to call it quits.  Leaving some 200 plus workers without a job.
But that's all about to change a new company, which Du Quoin city leaders refuse to identify is set to begin baking cookies again in the old plant.
"I think it's a good deal people need the employment.  And they need the work around here," says Mike Jones of Du Quoin, Illinois.
And the city could use the tax revenue flowing in again off the factory, once it's back up and running too.
For now the new company only plans to start off with one, of the two production lines running.  But eventually they plan to kick in the second line, and bring production capabilities, and jobs back to where they were a few years ago.
"I hope so we need more jobs here.  And we don't have no jobs around here.  So we need something opened," says Melissa Maye of Du Quoin, Illinois.
Some more good news for the region, the new company also plans to hire back on any of the former workers at the plant, who are looking for a job.
An official announcement by Du Quion city leaders, and the new company is expected to come towards the end of this week.