Kid Friendly Experiments You Can Try At Home

Kid Friendly Experiments You Can Try At Home
It's Science Day and if you are searching for something to do at home with the kids science reporter Jason Lindsey suggest these kid friendly experiments.
Make Your Own Lava Lamp
Have you ever wanted to make your own lava lamp? As science reporter Jason Lindsey and some kid scientists from Deer Creek Christian Academy show us, all you need is some stuff from the kitchen.
Carbon Dioxide Explosion
Are you looking for something that might get your kid interested in science?  Jason Lindsey has an experiment that will have them jumping for science.  It's called a carbon dioxide explosion and all you need are a few things from the kitchen.   
Make Your Own Volcano
Are you looking for something that will keep the kids busy and at the same time teach them a little science?  Science reporter Jason Lindsey has an idea! 
Water Balloon in the Jar
How can you push a water balloon into a jar?  Science reporter Jason Lindsey and a Crittenden County science teacher show you this cool science trick in the Heartland Science Lab.
Dancing Raisins
Did you know raisins can dance?  All you have to do is add soda water!
Bernoulli's Principle
Can you make an object float in mid air? Science reporter Jason Lindsey showed you how in the Heartland Science Lab.
Make Your Own Tornado
Tornadoes are among nature's most violent storms and in the Heartland Science Lab we showed you how to create a mini twister. We created our twister in a tornado simulator and you can make one at home.
Soda Can Science
Have you ever had a soda bath?   It's happened to all of us at least once.   You open your favorite can of soda and due to a previous shake an explosion occurs.   In the Heartland Science lab we uncovered some amazing soda secrets.  Secrets that might get you hooked on science.