Crosstown recovery just beginning

Crosstown recovery just beginning
By: Holly Brantley
CROSSTOWN, Mo - There's a big job ahead for people in the Crosstown area. The biggest tornado ever to hit Southeast Missouri in September ripped it's way through the area last week. Now, people are going from the initial shock to planning out the recovery for their town.
Dan and Sam Garris lost everything when the tornado struck. "We lost everything," Sam Garris said. The couple lost everything but their lives, and their dog, Annie. Now they focus on those gifts as they begin to deal with the loss of all their material possessions.
Virtually every resident of Crosstown shares the Garris's concerns. Most homes damaged beyond repair were leveled, leaving residents in Limbo.
Wanda and Ed Weibrecht say they knew almost immediately the home they've lived in for more than twenty years wouldn't be home to them anymore. The couple doesn't know for sure where they'll live next. "I didn't think it would take so much," said Wanda Weibrecht. "We're just here to salvage whatever we can."
Meanwhile as Crosstown waits to find out what kind of federal help will be available, the Garris's are thankful for people like Kirk Luckey, someone who's volunteered his time to help the couple recover. "It just gives me a good feeling," said Luckey.
Governor Matt Blunt has asked president Bush to approve a Disaster Declaration for the area. If Bush approves the plan, Disaster grants or low-interest loans would be available.