Utility trailer thefts on the rise

Utility trailer thefts on the rise
By: Erica Byfield

Paducah, KY - Trailer thefts are a problem that never really went away in McCracken County.

The rash of thefts began at the beginning of the year and in recent weeks they have gotten worse.

"We've had someone try to break in here," said Sherry Dozier's who's been in the business of selling utility trailers for years. During her time she's realized no matter what you do, thieves will try to steal your goods.

"Someplace underneath the frame," Detective Robert Caskey with the McCracken County Sheriff's Department he adds the best thing you can do to protect your property is to mark it.
"There's about three places were you can have it welded and once that weld is on there it's very hard to take it off, you just about have to take that piece of metal out and replace it," said Caskey. 
Caskey said you have to be a little sneaky and hide these identifiers in spots only you and your trusty welder know about.
Plus, "don't use your date of birth, don't use any part of your serial number, make up your number and write it down on a piece of paper and put it in a safe spot," mentioned Caskey.
That way if it comes up missing you'll have some sort of identification that's yours and yours alone.
"It depends how long it is maybe five minutes," said Lee Irvin Precision Machine Welding Foreman.  He's worked a weld shop for almost 15 years and says in as little as five minutes he can make a mark that will take a tremendous amount of effort to cover up.
"We're asking the public to help us help you guys get your stuff back," said Detective Caskey adds since the proof is in the metal if you've got something engraved there are no butts about it the trailer's yours! 
So far this year, thieves have walked away with nearly 50 utility trailers in McCracken County.
If you know anything about these thefts please contact the department at 270-444-4740.