Hillbilly Garden - attraction or distraction?

Dianne Holt
Dianne Holt
Keith Holt
Keith Holt
Hillbilly Garden  - attraction or distraction?
By: Erica Byfield

Marshall County, KY - Marshall County is the home of the Kentucky Opry and outdoor adventures along Kentucky Lake. Now there is another roadside gem one family wants you to check out. But to some, it's no gem, it's just a bunch of junk.

Welcome to Hillbilly Garden. It is just one of the attractions you'll find in Marshall County.

Longtime county resident Charles Campbell calls it, "six flags over junk yard."
Freddie James lives across the street from Hillbilly Garden, "it's disgusting it stinks, it's cluttered, it makes our place look bad and I'm highly against it."

Neighbors say the attraction is ruining the property value in the area and it's causing unneeded commotion along highway 68. "I don't like it at all," added James.

But owners Dianne and Keith Holt call Apple Valley (Hillbilly Garden) a dream come true full of treasures. "I personally don't like looking at pre-fab houses to me there an eyesore," said Holt.    

The couple moved to the Kentucky with their children last year and say they live in the county, and city rules don't apply there.

To them that means, it's OK to have farm animals and express your creativity. "We're trying to make this into a route 66 roadside attraction," said Dianne.

The exact opposite of what eight neighbors want to see.  They've gone as far as to complain to the sheriff's department and county attorney.
The owners don't agree.  "We've checked to make sure were doing everything in the law and we are," said Dianne.
One things for sure their land is attracting attention, but for now it's up to local authorities to decide if they're allowed to open up in November.
The new nuisance ordinance addresses abandoned trailers and rubbish and gives the county the right to clean the property at the owner's expense.