Making a child's dentist visit easy

Making a child's dentist visit easy
By: Tiffany Sisson
For 2-year-old Zachary Ochs, a trip to the dentist office is like another play date.  "He understands that the dentist is gonna look in his mouth," said his mother, Valerie Ochs.
Zach's been practicing, "He just says ah.  He's fine with it, I think.  We'll see when he gets in there."
The American Dental Association recommends children make their first trip to the dentist at the age of one.  "A lot of times the emotion, at age one, they really don't know what's going on," explained pedodontist Dr. Jayne Scherrman.
At Dr. Scherrrman's office, the team tries to turn the visit into a playful experience, using toys and animation.  "Once we can get the kids to come in and realize it's not as bad as their friends on the playground have said, then they're find," said Scherrman.
Zach appeared to enjoy the office turned play area, but not all children are as brave.  The anxiety starts typically starts to build once the dentist sits the in the chair, and the drill starts whizzing.  "If the child is so fearful, and they have rampant decay, and they have to get it done, those children will be put to sleep to get it all done at once," explained Scherrman.