NASA Picks A Heartland School For A Special Assignment

NASA Picks A Heartland School For A Special Assignment
By:  Jason Lindsey
Cape Girardeau, MO - Kids at Saint Vincent De Paul Parish School take the classroom outside for an out of this world assignment.
Mrs. Karnes 2nd grade class is the only one in Cape Girardeau chosen by NASA to help with it's S'COOL Cloud Observation Project.
Each day around 1p.m. the students become cloud observers and report the cloud cover over Cape to NASA. Karnes says, "we are actually doing observations of the lower level clouds and looking for contrails that maybe airplanes or helicopters might be leaving.
The data they submit will help NASA determine how often satellites fail to detect certain clouds in specific area. "It gives the kids a sense of importance, they feel like they are some one special because they are working for a company like NASA," said Karnes.