WIC makes changes that could affect your shopping list

WIC makes changes that could affect your shopping list
By: Erica Byfield

Cape Girardeau, MO - The women, infants and children program, better known as WIC, recently made a few changes to the program that could change many shopping lists.  It's all in effort to help improve nutrition and cut down obesity.

Shopping with WIC may never be the same, but according to heartland nutritionist Rachel Von Holten it's a good thing, "it's going to give them more options I feel healthier options of foods."
The Cape Girardeau WIC office serves more than a thousand people in our area so if you're one of those folks you'll want to listen up.
The bottom line, the program's cutting back the amount of milk and eggs you can add to your cart to give you more options.
"The fruits and vegetables will really help with fiber and also the vitamins and minerals that are added into those plus they are a little bit lower cal and low fat," said Von Holten. 
The difference isn't quantity it's variety.  Now you'll have the change to pick up more vegetables, fruits and whole grains.
And more good news, your local WIC office and grocery store should be fully aware of the changes before they take effect.
"Go check it out, get variety of food and have fun with them this a new way for clients to try more stuff they've never tried and also still get what they got in the past," said Holten.
The changes officially go into effect next summer.