Young offenders help clean-up Kinkaid Lake

Young offenders help clean-up Kinkaid Lake
By: Arnold Wyrick
Jackson County, IL - One of the most popular recreational spots in Southern Illinois took a direct hit from last weeks storms.  Kinkaid Lake picnic areas, and campsites suffered heavy damage from the powerful winds.
"We've got a tremendous mess from this tornado," says David Fligor Manager of Kinkaid-Reed's Creek Conservancy District.

So the conservancy district called upon the Illinois Youth Center to help with the clean up efforts, at the lake. "This is a reserved area that people have got scheduled that are waiting to see if we can get it cleaned up.  So these young men are really speeding things up.  It's been a real boom for the district, that's saved us money," Fligor said.

The cadets also help out the district even when there isn't storm damage to clean up. "These boys  take care of this site during the Summer with mowing, and weed eating," Fligor said.

It's work Fligor says would've gotten done without the help of the boys, but not nearly as quickly. "Well there's myself, and a part-time person along with the plant operator.  So it would've taken three to four weeks at least."

The cadets at the Illinois Youth Center will be called upon again when it comes time to replant the damaged trees left behind by the storms.