Flood insurance issues

Flood insurance issues
By CJ Cassidy

Lilbourn, MO - Red Cross workers and volunteers now have an emergency shelter setup in Lilbourn, to house folks left homeless after the weekend floods.
Most victims moved out of their motels today, and volunteers had hot food and drinks on hand along with cots for them to sleep on.
There's a lot of confusion right now, because folks who had renter's insurance thought they would be covered in the event of a flood.
Insurance agents say many folks are misinformed, and it's sad it takes a disaster to drive home just how valuable flood insurance can be.
Residents in the Weeks Apartment Complex spent the day airing out their furniture, hoping to salvage something, anything out of their flooded homes.
"All the stuff you had all these years is gone, and I've been here 12 years, and it hurts," Joyce Nunnery says.
She's glad she escaped without a scratch considering she carries an oxygen tank, but living in low income housing, she never even considered getting renter's insurance, let alone flood insurance.
"I live on a disabled check, and it's kind of hard," Nunnery says.
Nunnery's neighbor didn't fare any better. Larry Reno claims his landlord told him he couldn't get flood insurance.
"There's been floods in this area before. She told us we couldn't get flood insurance," Reno says.
But insurance agents say that's not the case.
"You can purchase flood insurance whether you are the property owner or tenant," Insurance agent Tim Dambach says.
He's been breaking the bad news to victims all day long.
He says anyone can protect themselves from floods, regardless of whether you live in a flood plain; just as long as you buy the extra insurance.
"It doesn't make a difference if you have renter's insurance or home owner's insurance. In 99% of cases flood insurance is excluded from those policies," he says.
Dambach says storm victims without flood insurance will now have to rely on FEMA or SEMA or other charitable groups for assistance getting back on their feet.
He hopes people learn from this disaster, and suggests you check with your agent if you think you might not be covered for flood insurance..