In the face of tragedy - Wanda Noe fights to survive

Wanda Noe
Wanda Noe

In the face of tragedy - Wanda Noe fights to survive
By: Tiffany Sisson

Crosstown, MO - The stories of storm victims working through the aftermath, can be overwhelming. There are just so many people affected. Take a deeper look into the heart of Wanda Noe's tragedy, and you'll see the face of a survivor!
Wanda's home is now an open box of Christmas decorations, even juice that was once inside the fridge are exposed for all the world to see. "My privacy has really been invaded," exclaimed Noe.
After 58 years in Crosstown, Wanda has no place to call home, "I asked why once! I must confess!"
Wanda is leaning on that higher power to be her strong foundation. "Faith in god! Faith in our Lord Jesus! That's the most important thing," explained Noe.
The F-4 tornado packed powerful wind, starting in the front yard, ripping apart her life, pushing much of everything else downhill in the backyard. Wanda thought everything was lost including the pendant around her neck. "That was the only thing that I was concerned about," said Noe.
It symbolizes the strength that held together 40 years of marriage, cut short when her husband died in 1985. That pendant a final gift. "He had wanted to give me this because I requested it. I told him what I wanted," said Noe.
Wanda's not going through this tragedy alone. The Red Cross, the Salvation Army, friends and family are helping her to stand strong. She's been offered a new home in Perryville. "She is only in it a month. She and her husband have a house in Illinois," said Noe.
Wanda's holding tight to memories not lost including a 35-year old record collection, .and a box of cookbooks, but she's still searching for more memories of her husband. "There is a picture of him that I haven't found," said Noe.
She's still digging through piles of rubble to find that photo. Wanda is also waiting for agents from FEMA and SEMA to do their survey. The insurance company has promised to get back with her within a week. By that time, she should be in her new home.