Farmers cope with flooded fields

Farmers cope with flooded fields
By: Erica Byfield

Hickman County, KY - All across the heartland farmers are hoping for relief.  On Tuesday we rounded up video in Southeast Missouri and Western Kentucky where it seemed like everything was under water.

"I didn't really realize that it would be that much rain," said lifetime farmer Tracy Workman. 
According to him it rained enough to usher in craw fish out of a near by creek and flood nearly 400 acres of his property.
"It's never a good thing," Workman said. 
As of Tuesday he and the other farmers in the area are playing the waiting game because he won't know what's harvestable until the water recedes.
"They weren't really mature yet and maybe they'll still be standing," Workman's talking about his soy bean crop but some where underneath the mess he's got stocks of corn as well.
The Thursday before the storm blew in he, his brother and father cleared a few acres and now he's wishing they wouldn't have stopped, "we might should have worked a little longer."
Workman says believe it or not, this isn't the worst he's seen the flood of 93 nearly whipped them out.
"We've lived through it before and well make it again with the lord's help," he added. 
Thus, Workman's taking Mother Nature's latest fiery as another life lesson to add to his chest, since workman's never too sure how much rain the next storm will dump out. 
He also mentioned it's too soon to tell how much money he's lost.  Workman said he'll have to wait for the water to go down before he can get a good look at the crop.