Mine La Motte coming together to clean-up after tornado

Mine La Motte coming together to clean-up after tornado
By: Wes Wallace
Madison County, MO - On Friday, when you asked anyone in Mine La Motte what hit their small community, they'd tell you "a tornado".  The National Weather Service confirms an F-2 twister hit the north part of Madison County.
"I just feel so helpless, I'm trying to cope,"  says Carolyn Parson, as she picks up a hot meal from Red Cross workers.  "What we need is a home, ours is gone..."   Her voice trails off.  Having survived the storm in a mobile home, she's not sure what to do next.  Looking around a battered house knocked off it's foundation, it's easy to understand the despair.
In nearby Harmony Lake, it's anything but tranquil.   Wayne Rodgers looks at what's left of his home in complete disbelief.  "It's upside down, it flipped totally upside down,"  he says.
Even three days after the tornado, the shock seems to be only slowly wearing off as people try to clean up and salvage what they can.
"I was out here chopping wood," recalls Rodgers, "The sky got black and the wind picked up, so I ran for cover in the basement.  I didn't even have time to shut the door.   I heard a loud roar and then it was over."
When it was over, Rodgers came outside and couldn't believe what he saw.  His house, ripped from the foundation, and turned over.  "I started looking for our two cats, but only found Patches,"  he says.  As of Monday, Cotton was still missing.
Red Cross Volunteer Patti Nippe says people are still in shock because she watched them go through the same the back in the spring.  "People are staying in a motel, but it's usually just one night, because they want to get home.  They may not have electricity or a roof, but they just want to get home.  I call that unbelievable human spirit."
It may take that "unbelievable human spirit" to rebuild and recover from that F-2 tornado.