Conair ProColor Accents Tool

Does it Work Wednesday
Conair ProColor Accents Tool
By: Lauren Keith
Chances are you know someone who dyes their hair, be it a man or a woman! You may have also heard about a haircoloring nightmare, or maybe even experienced that yourself.
Well, Conair has a new product that might help ease that dye job stress.
The ProColor Accents Tool is supposed to leave you with temporary, brush-on highlights that wash out in your next shampooing.
Does it Work?
We ask some very brave cosmetology students at Trend Setters in Cape Girardeau to help us out.
Instructor Melissa Wade notes the unit will not work on wet or tangled hair.  First up is Chelsea, who agrees to go bold!  She's going to get red highlights.  Student Rebekah Green slides the coloring tool nto the slot and attaches the brush.  The temporary colors look like paint, or even a shade of lip color.
When we first ran the tool through Chelsea's hair, the color wasn't too bright. So, we ran the same strands of hair through the ProColor tool again.  It's brighter now, but it's also a bit uneven.  It also leaves the hair feeling a bit clumpy, when it's wet, which is something it claims not to do.
Chelsea McCormick takes a look at her beautiful tresses, and decides she wants a blue highlight now.  Well, we actually decided that for her! I also asked her to apply the color this time because the product claims it's user-friendly. Chelsea had no problems.
While her newly-highlited hair dries, we wonder if these colors will show up on dark hair, too. So, I guess that means i'm the next one in the chair!  However, I'm not as brave as Chelsea. I have Rebekah apply a rose shade on a bottom section of my hair, so I can cover it up, if this stuff doesn't come out.
"Do you have a mirror?" I anxiously ask.  
It's definitely showing up on my dark brown hair, but it's a shade I'm personally glad is temporary, at least i hope it is!
The color is supposed to wash out after up to two rinses with "clarifying" shampoo, so that's what we use.  Then we dry Chelsea's hair, and wah-lah! The blue and red streaks are officially out of Chelsea's hair. She's certainly relieved this hair-raising experience is over.
"I was nervous because I thought it would stain, but it came out. I'd use it for a party or a costume," says Chelsea.
"It took a couple of times to go over to get a bolder color.  The application was easy. Overall, it was a decent product," says instructor Melissa Wade.
"I didn't like it for me because the highlights were uneven, but other people might like it," says student Rebekah Green.
The Conair ProColor Accents tool does work, but again, it's temporary color. The product also warns that it could come off onto clothing or hats, if it gets wet. We did notice it got onto Rebekah's hands when she applied it, but it rinsed off.
Remember, this tool doesn't offer results like you'd get in a salon, but if you want to see what highlights look like on you, you might enjoy the temporary results. The color palette includes many shades of blonde and brunette. Meantime, the $30 Conair Procolor Accents tool colors up a 'B' on this Does It Work Wednesday test.
I bought the ProColor tool at Walgreens in Carbondale.  I've noticed it's now gone on sale there and at other retailers.  Plus, you can find the refill cartridges in stores, too.