Librarian Throws the Book at Breast Cancer

Folks across the Heartland headed off to work Monday morning like they do every Monday. But Monday, November 12th had a special meaning for one Heartland woman. It was her first day back on the job, since having major surgery a month ago to fight breast cancer! Librarian Flossie Leggett is a survivor, who's back to work and throwing the book at breast cancer!

You won't find her story on the shelves at Egyptian School, but it's one Flossie Leggett has lived to tell. "It's always been in the back of my mind maybe this is what it is," Leggett says. Then her fears came true. Just a few months ago, a frightening chapter opened in her life. She had pains above her left breast and as the sister of a cancer survivor she couldn't ignore them. Doctors found three cancerous lumps and her breast had to be removed. That kind of surgery is hard to deal with in anyone's book, but Leggett wouldn't let it keep her down. Leggett says, "A lot of people will tell you, I'm not a person to sit still. I sat still for three weeks, but last week I was ready to come back." Leggett is the librarian for around 400 kids at Egyptian School. The students there may be young, but they're all well aware of what she's been through. Seventh grader Kourtnee Quesenberry says, "I know she has cancer, and my grandma has cancer. I know it's hard for her to lose her to go away and lose her job." Kendra Hunter is also in the seventh grade. She says, "I felt bad because people die all over the world from cancer." Seventh grader Brandon Blaney says, "My grandma has cancer and it makes me feel bad because she could have died."

Leggett still tires easily, but she's getting stronger everyday. It's turning out to be a happy ending to her story because doctors tell her she's going to be okay. "I've got people who depend on me. I have a son who's getting married and I want to see it," Leggett says. She encourages women to talk to their doctors if they have any concerns. Leggett also says every woman should do monthly breast self exams, and to get yearly mammograms.