Floods force them from their homes - but doesn't break their spirits

Floods force them from their homes - but doesn't break their spirits
By: CJ Cassidy
Campbell, MO - Shaken and scared after weekend storms, folks in Southeast Missouri spend the day trying to get their lives back together.
Heavy rains and high water affected many folks in Dunklin County, but folks in Campbell, felt the brunt of the storms.
An emergency overnight evacuation leaves close to twenty people homeless, and trying to salvage any belongings they can.
According to emergency workers, the water rose to about four and a half feet.
Factor in the rising water, the current, all the floating objects and the fact this happened in the dead of night, and you might just have an idea of how terrified folks in Campbell were.
Everything's all right with three year old Madison's world. After all, she just found a toy she thought she lost in the flood this weekend.
Her mom and dad though, aren't doing quite as well.
"We had high hopes of everything working out," Ashli Rauscher says.
She and husband Chris were unloading furniture at the house they moved into, three days earlier, when the water began rising.
"We tried getting stuff out, but the snakes were so horrible," she shudders. Ashli says the snake came into the house with the water, and she even found one coiled inside her computer.
The couple lost everything they owned, but their main concer was to get out of harm's way.
"Chris carried Maddie out of the house. I was on his back it was up so high, I didn't know what to do," Ashli says.
The Rauschers weren't the only ones struggling. Fire Chief Allen Edwards and his wife.braved the high waters to rescue people trapped in a low income housing complex.
"We knew a lot of these people were handicapped in some way and there was nobody to see after them. We got close, and we could hear some of them hollering for help," the Chief said.
"It was a whole lot of water, and it scared me. At some points I was in chest deep. I can't swim so I was scared," Diane Edwards, a volunteer rescue worker, and the Fire Chief's wife, points out.
Many folks agree they lost a lot, but they see a silver lining in the volunteers who'll risk their lives for them.
As for the Rauschers, they've found a community they already feel welcome in. "Everyone's done so much for us," Ashli says.
Dunklin County Commissioners are housing the Rauschers and many other storm victims in a motel through tomorrow.
However they can't afford to provide lodging after that.
If you would like to donate money, food or clothing, call the Campbell Fire Department at (573) 246-3622.