Bank certificate found across state line after tornado

Bank certificate found across state line after tornado
By: Arnold Wyrick
Ava, IL - The powerful storms that tore across the Heartland Friday evening left behind a path of destruction and debris.  But some of that debris in Missouri ended up in Southern Illinois.
The Rogers were cleaning up their backyard in Ava, Illinois when they came across an envelope from the Bank of Perryville.
"As you can see there's a lot of trees and stuff around here.  But right underneath this swing here is where she said she found it," says Carl Rogers of Ava, Illinois.
What it turned out to be was a certificate of deposit for some folks in Crosstown, Missouri for $10,000.
"And I'm sure that these folks would like to have that back! I'd be very happy if somebody found something like that of mine, and would tell me about it.  It might be valuable to them, I don't know," Rogers said.
So how else can one explain how the tattered and torn envelope made it's way from across the Mississippi River, some 25 miles to land in the Rogers' backyard?
Carl blames it on Friday's storms.
"I don't know how else it could have got to be here.  We keep our yard fairly clean.  And then to find this out here in the middle of nothing!"
That important document is just one example of just how powerful Friday's storm were, as they tore across the Heartland.