Angels among us: sharing a garden of peace and remembrance

Angels among us: sharing a garden of peace and remembrance
By: Kathy Sweeney
Perryville, MO - Many believe there are angels among us.  For proof, look no further than Dash and Sharon Unterreiner's garden in Perryville.  About seven years ago, the couple turned a rough patch of land into a garden filled with dozens of angels.
"This was a piece of ground worth nothing", Dash explains.  "Then, we planted a few trees, and kept adding on and adding on and adding on.  And we're not done yet!"
The 3/4 acre plot features every kind of angel imaginable.  They're stretched out on rocks, reaching for the sky, peeking out of bushes.  Within the garden, Dash and Sharon have created special tributes to their family and friends.  One spot features three angels, representing the couples' three grandchildren.  Another angel sits in tribute to Sharon's departed brother.
On Friday morning, the garden known as the Meadow of Angels received a host of visitors.  Members of an angel collectors club climbed off a bus and strolled into the garden.  Members traveled from as far away as Colorado, Nevada, and Minnesota just to see the Unterreiner's angels. 
"This garden is awesome....wonderful!", proclaimed Marlene Mahoney from Omaha, Nebraska.
"We're just trying to give a little back.  God's been good to us," Dash tells us.
The Unterreiners welcome guests, although they appreciate you knocking on the door before heading to the garden.  Their property is located on CR 510 in Perry County.  Take I-55 to Hwy B (Biehle exit).  Go left on Hwy B to Hwy F.  Turn Left on F, cross over I-55, then turn left on CR 510.