A Book for the President

A Book for the President
By CJ Cassidy

Here's the story of a Heartland man who says his dream came true not once but twice.
You may remember Hardy Billington, one of the men behind the "Push for Bush" that ended with the Presidential visit to Poplar Bluff two years ago.
Now Billington's published a book detailing his account, but never expected the surprise ending that would follow.
Billington's met President Bush four times.
A couple of times on campaign tours, during his visit to Poplar Bluff, and most recently in Washington D.C.
That's when the newly published author, and his wife, personally presented the president with a copy of his book: The Election by Faith.
"He really liked what the book looked like, and when he was flipping through I thought, neat, he finally gets to see all the reasons why I wanted him to come to Poplar Bluff," Billington says.
One of the main reasons, he explains; to make heartland voters cast their ballots in favor of the Bush/Cheney ticket.
he said "this is the best rally he had in poplar bluff"
Billington believes in legwork, literally.
In 2004, he and David Hahn spent countless hours walking door to door asking folks to "Push for Bush." Their efforts not only brought George Bush to their hometown, Billington believes Missouri made the difference in the President's re-election bid.
He admits the criticism Mr. bush faces these days, could affect book sales.
Nonetheless, he plans on keeping one copy with a special message close at hand.
The inscription inside reads, "To my friend. Thank you for your vision. Best Always, George Bush."
For Hardy Billington, who calls himself a simple man from a small town, it's proof anything's possible when you dare to dream big.
Billington's book is available for sale at most bookstores.
He believes it would appeal to most people who went to see the President, and of course, Republicans.