Lourdes Hospital gets new state of the art hyperbaric chamber

Lourdes Hospital gets new state of the art hyperbaric chamber
By:Erica Byfield

Paducah, KY -Sometimes you have to think outside the box to treat a medical problem and you could say that's what doctors did in Paducah.  We found out what they we're up to and how this latest addition to Lourdes Hospital has the ability to change lives. 
It looks like a space capsule, and can do wonders with oxygen.
On Wednesday staff at Lourdes showed off the newest kind of hyperbaric chamber available and doctors say it's the only one of its kind in the heartland.
A patient, Rickey Logsdon called it a dream come true. 
 "I've got ulcers on my ankles," Logsdon said. 
For that reason he's eager to see what the hyperbaric chamber can do for him, "it's going to be a miracle when it gets done." 
Doctor Tim Ranval is the Chief of Staff at Lourdes and is part of the team that's worked to bring this treatment to the region, "this is one mode we have to treat chronic wounds in our wound center."
Patients stop by daily for at least a 90 minute session in the chamber; while inside 100 percent oxygen circulates and they experience two to three times the normal atmospheric pressure. 
Who can it help?  Those with, "diabetic type wounds, bone infections that don't respond to conventional treatment and probably radiation type injuries," said Ranval.    
Wednesday marked Rickey Logsdon's 11th treatment and he can already see a drastic improvement and knows just what he wants to do to celebrate, "when it gets done I'm going to buy me some cowboy boots."    
Now, he hopes others in the heartland can see what a difference a little oxygen can make.
This treatment requires daily attendance and most patients undergo at least 20 sessions.
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