Swiffer Carpet Flick

Does it Work Wednesday
Swiffer Carpet Flick
By: Lauren Keith
The Swiffer Carpet Flick claims it's much easier to use and easier to store than your vacuum sweeper.  So, we put the latest model from the Swiffer brand to the Does it Work Wednesday test.
Amy Bryant processes checks at First Commercial Bank in Dexter.  She emailed me, requesting I try the Swiffer Carpet Flick before she buys it. Amy thinks this model might come in handy here at the bank.
"Our cleaning lady only comes in once a week, so if we make a mess after she's been here, it either sits there until she returns, or we find ways to clean it up," says Bryant.

Amy and I assemble the Carpet Flick handle, and the sticky cartridge just slides right into place. We scatter some hole punches all over the office floor. The Carpet Flick picks them up, and it's pretty quiet, too, unlike your vacuum sweeper.  However, in just a short amount of time, our cleaning cartridge is already full! We can tell because the Carpet Flick spits out some of the hole punches we've already picked up!

"I don't think it's doing much good right now. We need to change the cartridge," says Bryant.
So, with the second cartridge now in place, the Carpet Flick picks up the rest of the mess, but both Amy and I aren't too impressed at this point.
"It'd be a lot quicker with a vacuum or a hand-held," says Bryant.

The claim on the box also says the Carpet Flick can pick up glitter. Both Amy and I hesitate a bit as we scatter the glitter. Will it really pick it up?

Perhaps surprisingly, the Carpet Flick picked up the glitter, but it also popped out another hole punch!  Still, Amy's impressed the Carpet Flick picked up the very fine glitter, so we keep on going.

We scatter some cereal onto the floor.  We notice the Swiffer crunching the cereal on the carpet as it completely picks it up.
"It worked well and better at picking up the cereal," she notes.
So, is this Carpet Flick as "amazing" as it claims to be?
"I liked it on some things, but not all. It's not as fast as I thought it would be," she says.

Plus, I'm not so sure this Carpet Flick is inexpensive.  The startup kit costs $12; refill cartridges are $4.  Remember we used two cartridges just on the mess we made with the hole punches!  However, there are some advantages to the Carpet Flick.

"It's quiet and it's easy to store," says Amy.
That's why she says she'll keep one on-hand at work where she doesn't always have access to a vacuum, but not at home.  Amy and I both are sticking with our regular vacuums, even for small spills.
The Swiffer Carpet Flick does an average cleaning job. It gets a "C" on this Does it Work Wednesday test.