Missing baby found - Suspect in custody

Missing baby found - Suspect in custody
By: Heartland News
A missing newborn Missouri girl who was abducted from her mother has been found alive. After a short stay at a hospital 12-day-old Abigale Lynn Woods is now back home with her mother.
A hospital official says she appears to be well.
The baby was found not far from her home in Londell.
The Franklin County sheriff said the baby was found in an abandoned house and that a woman has been arrested.
The F.B.I. identifies the suspect as Shannon Beck, who lives a few miles from the home of the mother and baby.
The case broke when Beck's sister-in-law contacted authorities.
They say Beck had been pregnant but apparently miscarried shortly before her own child was to be born.
The child's mother told police Friday that a woman entered her rural home, attacked her with a knife and stole the baby, who was a week old at the time.