Kentucky Science Day Events

Kentucky Science Day Events

Heartland News encourages you to participate in these "Science Day" events.  If you are planning a big event on October 3rd send your plans to science reporter Jason Lindsey and he'll post them at 

Kentucky Science Day Events

Cooper-Whiteside Elementary - Paducah
 The entire school will be decorated with a science theme. There will be a colossal heart and colon in the gym that the children can climb through and explore!  The kindergarten students will compete in a Float/Sink Regatta with their boats created from aluminum foil. The team whose boat holds the most pennies without sinking wins.  The first grade students will conduct various hands-on experiments. The second through fifth grades will be conducting various experiments throughout the day.

Ballard County Elementary School - Ballard County
 The 4th grade kids will participate in "Science in the News" day.  Students will be asked to bring in one or two clippings from a newspaper or magazine.  They will discuss what it is about while sharing the picture or article in front of the class.  These will be placed on a bulletin board in the room for the month of October.  Students will receive bonus points for their participation.  The purpose of this activity is to make them aware of science in the news as well as current events.

Paducah Middle School - Paducah
 Middle school kids will participate in something called "Digesting Science."  Each project will involve something edible that can be the result of a science experiment.  Also, students can earn 25 extra bonus points for bringing in an adult.

Challenger Learning Center Science Day Plans - Paducah
 The Challenger Learning Center in Paducah has big plans for "Science Day." The center will have students scheduled that day for normal programming-missions and classroom activities. They'll promote "Science Day" and will give kids ribbons to wear in celebration of "Science Day."

Hendron Lone Oak Elementary - Paducah
 On October 3rd, Mellisa Duncan with the Challenger Learning Center in Paducah will visit 5th grade science teacher Jaclyn Reid's class. Duncan will do a presentation called "Living in Space" to prepare our students for their upcoming missions at the Challenger Center.

McNabb Elementary School - Paducah
 McNabb 4th Grade students will study various food chains on October 3rd.  They'll create their own food chains and do open-response questions.  The students will bring in science information from the news that will be discussed and researched.

Clark Elementary School - Paducah
 In honor of "Science Day," Christine Wynn and Amy Cox will bring students from Tilghman High School to do experiments with 5th graders at Clark Elementary School.  They will set up dissection stations for the students to collaborate with the older students. 

Calloway County High School - Calloway County
 Calloway County High School will have a "Change a Light, Change the World" pledge drive after school 3:30 - 6:30 on October 3rd.  They will encouraging families to change 1 incandescent light bulb to a compact fluorescent bulb in their homes.



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