Illinois Science Day Events

Illinois Science Day Events

Heartland News encourages you to participate in these "Science Day" events.  If you are planning a big event on October 3rd send your plans to science reporter Jason Lindsey and he'll post them at 

Illinois Science Day Events

Science Center - Carbondale
 The Science Center of Southern Illinois is going to waive the admission charges to the museum for "Science Day" and they'll do a silly putty stretching challenge.  Folks will make the silly putty and then the person or team who stretches their silly putty the farthest wins a Science Center membership good for free admission not only to The Science Center in Carbondale, but also to over 200 other science and technology centers worldwide!!

Carbondale Community High School - Carbondale
 Science teachers at the Carbondale Community High School will do experiments in the classroom in honor of "Science Day."  During lunch, there will be various demonstrations set up. For biology, there will be reptiles on display for the students to hold as well as other biology demonstrations. For Chemistry, there will be demonstrations on the various energies in foods. For Physics, there will be a hovercraft for students to ride as well as projectile motion demonstrations.

Shawnee High School - Wolf Lake
 The theme at Shawnee High School on "Science Day" is Myth Busters.  All science classes will have the opportunity to test one of these hypotheses.

  • How acidic is Coke
  • Can Potatoes conduct electricity?
  • Is it possible to witch for water?
  • Can listening to music help you remember?
  • Is yawning Contagious?
  • Can Light Bend?
  • Is it possible to create plasma (fourth state of matter)?

At lunch students will be able to test the diet cola and mentos experiments with different diet cokes.

Egyptian School - Tamms
 Mrs. Nancy Kerr's 6th grade class and Ms. Colleen Buckles high school Chemistry students will conduct several scientific experiments on "Science Day."  They'll compare and contrast the waters of Horseshoe Lake, Egyptian Wetlands Center, and Amber Creek.  Other experiments will include Veering Path Investigation and Soil Dweller Experiments.  The students will do the experiments at Horseshoe Lake, Egyptian Wetlands Center and Amber Creek



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