Missouri Science Day Events

Missouri Science Day Events

Heartland News encourages you to participate in these "Science Day" events.  If you are planning a big event on October 3rd send your plans to science reporter Jason Lindsey and he'll post them at kfvs12.com. 

Missouri Science Day Events

Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson - Missouri
 Congresswoman Emerson will make a speech on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives recognizing "Science Day" in Cape Girardeau and surrounding areas.  She will also highlight the importance of science, education, and what KFVS is doing to bring more science to the Heartland.  Her remarks will be recorded and published in the Congressional Record.

Woodland R-IV - Marble Hill 
 8th grade science teacher, Nick James will do a fun experiment where the students construct devices to help protect an egg once its thrown off a building, stairs, etc... The goal is to keep the egg from cracking! 
 For Science day Ryan Layton's high school chemistry students will be doing a forensic lab to identify unknown powders commonly found in the kitchen by subjecting these unknown powders to a series of chemical and physical tests. 
 As a culminating activity following the study of astronomy, 7th graders in Rhonda Metcalf's science class will design, construct, and launch a rocket on "Science Day."  Students will use a film canister filled 1/3 with water and drop in 1/2 of an effervescent tablet. This activity is a simple but exciting demonstration of Newton's laws of motion. The rocket lifts off because it is acted upon by an unbalanced force (First Law). This is the force produced when the lid is blown off by the gas formed in the canister. The rocket travels upward (against gravity) with a force that is equal and opposite of the downward force propelling the rocket (Third Law). The amount of force is directly proportional to the mass of water and gas expelled from the canister and how fast it accelerates (Second Law).

Bootheel Youth Museum - Malden
 The Bootheel Youth Museum will host You Can Bend Light but Can You Break It in cooperation with Lincoln University Cooperative Extension and the University of Missouri Extension Service on "Science Day."  Local school children will learn about the physical science of light and how lens affect the properties of light during a presentation in the children's theater.  Following the presentation the children will be sent on a museum scavenger hunt were they search and explore exhibits which focus on light and optics. 

Kids Finding AdVenture in Science Day - Sikeston
 Sikeston is holding a big Kids Finding AdVenture in Science Day On September 18th. Sikeston will proclaim October 3rd as "Science Day" and science reporter Jason Lindsey has been asked to accept the proclamation. There will be a science coloring contest for the kids and the winners will help Jason in three different Science Lab segments.

Trinity Lutheran School - Cape Girardeau
 Trinity Lutheran School will hold a Family Science Night on "Science Day."

Alma Schrader Elementary School - Cape Girardeau
 Kindergarten students will be visited by the Fire Truck on the morning of October 3rd. They will then conduct fire safety experiments in the classroom following the visit to commemorate "Science Day."
 3rd grade classes will have a special guest on October 3rd.  Dr. Cannon will present a lesson on Cryogenics using liquid nitrogen.  This will tie into changing states of matter by adding and taking away heat.
 Second grade students at Alma Schrader Elementary will study the steps of the Scientific Method and do activities throughout the week to put learning into practice in honor of "Science Day."

Southwest Fifth Grade Center - Sikeston
 5th grade students will participate in various Science festivities for "Science Day."  

Cape Central Junior High School - Cape Girardeau
 The science department at Central Junior High School is putting on a Family Science Night on Tuesday, October 10th from 6-8 p.m. in celebration of "Science Day."  Students with an adult will revolve around the 5 classrooms doing the experiment in each classroom.  

Cape Central Middle School - Cape Girardeau
 On October 12th from 6-7:30 Cape Central Middle School will hold science family night in celebration of "Science Day."

Cape Girardeau Elementary Schools - Cape Girardeau
 Each elementary school in the Cape Girardeau Public School System will have a special "Science Day" lunch menu.  Each menu will include cool science facts and will list October 3rd as "Science Day."

Kelly Schools - Benton 
 Kelly Schools will start publishing a weekly Science and Technology newsletter in celebration of "Science Day." The gifted class is responsible for writing and distributing the newsletter to elementary classrooms.  All classrooms will be competing in a contest to create a new planet.

Farmington High School - Farmington
 Farmington High School science teacher Cindy King's and special services teacher Sharon Holdman's 9th grade students will do an egg drop contest between classes.  Student lab groups will construct a container to protect their egg from breaking when dropped and thrown to see which egg last the longest.

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School - Ferguson
 Kindergarten through 8th graders at the Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School will invite their parents/guardians/special friends to school for an afternoon of science experiments in honor of "Show-Me Science Day."  This will give them a chance to experience the joy of hands-on science with the people they love.  Middle school science teacher Sharon Anibal has arranged for a scientist guest speaker to address her students about how scientists chose their profession and what they enjoy about their job.

Deer Creek Christian Academy - Cape Girardeau
 Deer Creek Christian Academy is going to devote the whole day, Oct 3rd, to Science day.  The school will host a mini-science fair, have stations of fun demonstrations and activities, read about famous scientists, as well as have every subject based on science.

Cass Midway R-1 - Cleveland
 5th grade science teacher Beth Love at Cass Midway R-1 in Cleveland, MO will begin her fish mummies experiment in celebration of "Science Day."  Love and her students will take dead fish and pack the fish in baking soda.  Each week they'll weigh the fish and watch the change and add fresh baking soda to the fish.  They'll have their final reveal with parents during a fall party at the end of the month. 

Richland Elementary - Richland
 Dr. Pringle from UMR will show different types of science experiments to Mrs. Starner and Mrs. Carey 5th classes in honor of "Science Day."  Dr. Pringle will bring liquid nitrogen that he uses to freeze a marshmallow, which every child gets one to eat if they want one and then he tells a story about a mouse in a high school lab class while he freezes a hockey ball and then throws it against the wall.  He will talk about the importance of safety equipment and mostly about observing and inquiry thinking. 

5th and 6th Grade Center - Poplar Bluff
 In honor of "Science Day" Poplar Bluff Mayor Betty Absheer will proclaim October 3rd "Science Day" on September 14th.  The celebration will take place at the 5th and 6th Grade Center in Poplar Bluff.  Science reporter Jason Lindsey will perform various science experiments from the Science Lab.  There will be a science coloring contest for the kids and the winners will help Jason in two different Science Lab segments.

Sikeston Middle School - Sikeston
 An assembly will be held in honor of "Science Day" at Sikeston Middle School. Parents will be invited to attend. The 6th and 7th grade science teachers are going to be dressed as "Mad Scientists" and are going to show students some fun, exciting, and interesting experiments.

Lee Hunter Elementary School - Sikeston
Dwight Curry, Science and Galleries Director with the Saint Louis Science Center, will be in Sikeston on Monday the September 18th to visit two classrooms at Lee Hunter Elementary in honor of "Science Day."  He will provide a hands-on activity for students called Batteries and Bulbs.  He will present to a 3rd grade class from 1-2 p.m. and a 4th grade class from 2-3 p.m.

Farmington High School - Farmington
 Farmington High School physics students will do various science demonstrations and activities with students at Lincoln Intermediate Center under direction of Physics teacher Rebecca Bales in honor of "Science Day."

Laclede Junior High School - Laclede County
 Jr. High students at Laclede County C5 will do various science activities on October 3rd. Every activity will share an "apple" theme. They'll do experiments on which type of apples yields the most juice and a probability lesson on apple seeds. The students will devote time on communicating their results through posters, data tables, and graphs and then tie in history by showing Johnny Apple seed. Following Johnny Apple seed they'll investigate how apple trees really came to America. At the end of the day the students will celebrate "science day" by having an "Apple feast."

New Bloomfield R-III Schools - New Bloomfield
High school and junior high school students will do science related challenger games in honor of "Science Day."  Teachers are working on various science demonstrations and activities for student to watch and participate in, and they'll have a Recycled Material Art Show in our outdoor classroom. 

Jefferson Elementary School - Cape Girardeau
 Jefferson Elementary School will celebrate "Science Day" with principal, Mark Cook, providing a demonstration for the entire student body and staff of a cartesian diver to generate student curiosity and questioning.  The day of questions will continue as the teaching staff carry out various science activities and discussions in their classrooms.  In Russell Grammer's classroom, the theme will be, "Why Science?" to encourage students who seek the reasons for themselves (which is a strong basis in scientific thinking).  Grammer will do several investigations and experiments and follow up with group readings that emphasize science careers and skills.  To finish the day, students will be sent home with an extension science activity to try at home with their parents. 

Sikeston Kindergarten and early Childhood Center - Sikeston
 The Sikeston Kindergarten and Early Childhood Center will have a "Messy Science Day" on October 3rd.  There will be 7-8 stations set up outside with experiments for the classes to see and participate.

Perryville High School - Perryville
 Perryville High School classes will focus on educating students about recycling on October 3rd.  Mr Dustin Pearce's Environmental Science class is currently planning a school wide recycling program.  Students will be asked to get their parents and friends to sign a pledge to start a recycling program in their residence.  Posters will be put in the hall to educate others about recycling.  A polymer density lab will be done in Ms. O'Neal's Chemistry class.  Ms. Casey Brennan's Physical Science class will be making recycled paper.  Ms. Crystal Gholson's will be having a polymer scavenger hunt.  Ms. Martha Hunter's class will be looking at the recycling codes on plastic containers and discussing landfills and future recycling options.

Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center - Cape Girardeau
 The Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center will hold an insect investigation on "Science Day. from 3 - 5 p.m., near the nature center lab.  Kids can see soil-dwelling arthropods with the help of a Burlese funnel and get an up-close view of aquatic insects under microscopes.  It's up to them to determine what the insect is and what special adaptations it has through observation.

Ferguson Middle School  - Ferguson
 Each 8th grade science class will be going to the Challenger Learning Center in October to do the Mission to Mars in celebration of "Science Day".

West Elementary School - Lamar
 In celebration of "Science Day" West Elementary will have a speaker from Pittsburg State University.  The presentation will focus on birds of prey with live birds being displayed in front of our 3rd,4th and 5th.  We also will be discussing careers in science throughout the day.

Dixon Middle School - Dixon
 Dixon Middle School will have a school-wide competition, testing Newton's First Law of Motion on October 3rd.  The students will be given a coffee can, and a egg, which they will try and protect to the best of there groups ability. We will drop the can with egg in it from a two story window, the last egg standing will receive a reward. The 6th graders can use any means possible to protect the egg from the force of gravity. The 7th graders can use any means to protect the egg except a parachute. The 8th graders can use any means except, oh, nothing on the outside of the can.

Kingston K-14 - Cadet
 6th grade students at Kingston K-14 will do a predator and prey cooperative learning activity. In this activity students will be divided into groups, and then the groups will be divided into subgroups. Each subgroup will be designated as predator or prey. The teacher then instructs each predator group to name a prey animal and the adaptation it uses to catch that prey. The prey groups in turn name a predator animal and its adaptation to evade capture.

Scott City High School - Scott City
 On Science Day Chemistry students will go to the 5th grade classes and do a science experiments. They will make clouds in water bottles, microwave Ivory soap, and do acid and base reactions using an indicator.

Notre Dame High School - Cape Girardeau
 Notre Dame will be the site of an informal, fun night of astronomy we are calling a 'Star Party' to celebrate "Science Day."  Beginning at 8 p.m., the school's observatory and grounds will be open for casual viewing of October 3's night sky. The school will be grilling hotdogs, serving chips and drinks to all those who come. We will also provide star charts and a space on the grounds to spread a blanket or set up lawn chairs for families to observe at their own pace. All of Notre Dame's astronomical equipment will be on display and available for use under the guidance of our staff and student helpers.

Boys and Girls Club of Cape Girardeau - Cape Girardeau
 The Boys & Girls Club of Cape Girardeau will be letting our mad scientists out on Oct. 3rd for Science day. The lab will be running experiments for our after school program from 3 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. We will be running experiments on the many different aspects of eggs. During this experiment we will try to crush them with our hands, make them bounce, and see if they can float. Along with these experiments we will try to make raisins dance, and try to recreate the Mentos geyser experiment as seen in the hit show Mythbusters.  All children are welcome to participate

Cape Central Junior High School - Cape Girardeau
Representatives from the Saint Louis Science Center will be at Helen Gibbar's classroom at Cape Central Junior High School on October 3rd.  They will provide demonstrations and presentations to classes from 1:00 p.m. to 1:50 p.m. and again from 1:50 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. and then to the Girls Science Club. 

Kennett South Elementary - Kennett
 Kennett South Elementary School has booked a "Wild About Reptiles" Assembly for our Science Day Event.

Bakersfield Middle School - Bakersfield
 Bakersfield 7th graders will try their hand at teaching the 3rd graders the reason for the seasons.

Oran Elementary School - Oran
 Oran Elementary is participating in "Science Day" by Inspiring Young Inventors.  Students in grades K-6 will be encouraged to create an invention of some sort.  Inventions will be on display in the classrooms.  If they are unable to construct their invention they will be allowed to share their ideas with their class.  We expect that we will have some very creative inventions and who knows we may even have one creative enough to be patented.  We also are encouraging students to dress in "science" attire. 

Long Lane Elementary - Dallas County
 The students at Long Lane Elementary in Dallas County are planning science activities on October 3rd in the afternoon.  The theme will be "Scientific Inquiry".  Each grade level will pick a strand of science from their curriculum to investigate.  We will demonstrate our discoveries at an assembly in the afternoon.

Lincoln College Preparatory Academy - Kansas City
 The Chemistry classes will celebrate "Science Day" by doing fun experiments ("Cool Light, Mirror Glass", "Slime",:Latex Balls, etc) in the lab.  The experiments will be videotaped so we can share the activities with our Middle School.

T.S. Hill Middle School - Dexter
 6th - 8th grade students at T.S. Hill Middle School in Dexter are using scientific inquiry to experiment with how a projectile moves through a vacuum and how a vacuum cannon operates through the application of concepts related to differences in atmospheric pressure on "Science Day."  Each student, or pairs of students, are constructing a projectile out of cardboard tubes, ping pong balls, masking tape, and pennies or washers to launch out of a cannon made from PVC pipe, a PVC pipe "T", and a shop vacuum.  The six projectiles from each grade level that launch the farthest distance will compete against each other to determine a school wide champ.

Athena Elementary School - De Soto
 We have scheduled to have our own Ms. Frizzle (our librarian) from the Magic School Bus to read books related to science on our own Athena's Magic Science Bus right outside our library door at Athena Elementary School throughout the week to celebrate "Show-Me Science Day."

Jackson Junior High School - Jackson
 Jackson Junior High School will have the following lab activities set up and ALL science students will rotate through these stations and will have the hands-on opportunity to experience FUN SCIENCE!! 

  • Principal Mr. Crosnoe will be manning the Menthos and Diet Soda Station.
  • The NASA Center will be at Jackson Junior High School performing experiments.      - A Crime Scene where our Physical Science students will have to analyze and evaluate the scene.
    A Pennies Investigation Lab Station
    - A Space Lab Station
    - A Water Bottle Rocket Launching Station
    - An Air Compressor Rocket Launching Station
  • In addition to all this science fun other subject areas will be teaching about science.  For example, our Language Arts Department will be reading current science articles and will be doing a cooperative learning activity where they are to determine things such as theme and main idea.
  • The Math Department is doing an activity on metrics and measuring.



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