College students post prank online

College Students Post Prank Online
By: CJ Cassidy
CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO --New details on a story involving some Southeast Missouri State University students who embarked on an underground adventure.
The five young men videotaped themselves walking through a network of underground tunnels on campus, and then posted it on a very popular, very public website many people access these days, called the YouTube.
However after Heartland News contacted the students Monday, they have taken down the video, and now hope they aren't in hot water.

The clip initially had the students' names roll as credits at the end, but long before they yanked it off the internet, campus leaders had a chance to watch it.

"It was a shock to me. I was not aware they were doing that. We try to keep all the locations secure," Scott Meyer, Facilities Management Director at Southeast Missouri State isn't sure how the students gained access to the tunnels, but says he's just glad no one was hurt inside.
In fact he says it's so dangerous, he wouldn't even let our cameras inside.
"There is 400° temperature steam inside, and 100 pound steam lines with boiling water and condensation seeping through, there's electricity. The danger there is real," Meyer points out.
He doesn't understand why anyone would want to explore the utility tunnels that span most of the campus, connecting under many of the buildings.
He certainly can't imagine why any student would call it a school tradition, as the videographer explained it to me.
So what will change?
"We're going to try to be more diligent, and make sure all tunnel entrances are secured back, and we'll post danger signs at the all the entrances also," Meyer says.
He adds any student disregarding those danger signs will be in serious trouble with school authorities.
The students in question won't face any penalties this time around, and they admit it was a stupid crime.