Fall Season; Prime Time for Scam Artist

Fall Season; Prime Time for Scam Artist
By: Arnold Wyrick

The Fall season is just around the corner, and that means it's prime time for scam artist to prey upon unsuspecting homeowners.
"Some people that are like storm chasers, that come in after tornadoes, also make their rounds during this season.  And going look your roof needs some work," says Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Feltman.
Feltman points out that before you open your checkbook for a new roof, you might want to ask a few questions.
"Roofers are all licensed in the State of Illinois.  Ask for that roofing license.  Reputable roofers very seldom come door to door," Feltman said.
Things don't get any easy for homeowners when it comes to replacing, or upgrading their windows and siding on their homes.  Which by the way Feltman says don't require a contractor to be licensed with the state.
"Sometimes the price of the work is enough to scare someone away.  But then they say don't worry about it, we can get you financed.  And the way that financing works, is that they usually finance your work through a mortgage. And they mortgage your home," Feltman said.
This can lead the homeowner to owing much more on their home then it's actually worth.  Feltman says you may be able to seek legal action against the unscrupulous contractor.  But you're still going to have to pay for the work, by having to pay off the mortgage.
"The guy bringing the materials for the work gets paid.  So you'd better think about it long and hard, because that takes all the equity out of that home," Feltman said.