To: Thomas Trost, Steven Trost and Jackson Bass

Dear Tommy, Steven & JR,

We are all so proud to be your parents. Somewhere in the back of our minds, you will always be our precious little boys. Six cousins born in six years. We were there for your births and watched you all grow up. Yes there are a few more gray hairs on all of our heads. But in life you don't come away without scars. You have been a blessing to all of us. From an idea that was born between cousins, a ball was thrown up in the air and hit. One got to go into service and the other stayed behind. They were like Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Chasing life for all it was worth, we all cheered for each other you see. Then another son Tom, and another Steven, walked the same path as their elder cousin.

Todd, first born of six, a father he is now, with a small son enduring 3 major heart surgeries. For him and Dan, severely injured as a child, there will be no service. But you play with the cards you are dealt, and in the end your job is well done. You pray by God, you pray for peace in this world, for the hatred to stop. You pray every day, every night, every second. We give thanks to God, for if he did not give us a measure of faith, he gave us a bucketful of it.

Now there is one left, Jeremiah, who plans to enter service next spring. You, our four sons, are part of an elite crew, serving and protecting our country. Yes, we, your parents, can proudly look at all you have accomplished and will be there for you forever.


Your Parents