Anna boy survives being dragged by a train

Anna boy survives being dragged by a train
By: Arnold Wyrick
Anna, IL - A fun filled night for a group of young boys in Anna, Illinois ended abruptly when 8-year-old Logan Shelton grabbed a hold of a Canadian National Railway train. For some reason Logan decided he would try to board the train as it rolled by him.
"My son came in and said a train just went by, and all of a sudden Logan started screaming. And I was like okay, what do you want me to do? He says to me, I think he might've got hit by the train," says Lori Thompson of Anna.
So Thompson and her son headed to wood behind their home, towards the rail road tracks.
"The closer we got you could just hear the screams," Thompson said.
When they got to the tracks, they found Logan laying on his side near them.
"And you could see the bones sticking out of the bottom of the foot. You could see the ankle joint was still attached. And I told my oldest son Jeremiah, grab him, cradle him. And my son and I walked him out to his house," Lori said.
Logan's mother immediately loaded him up into the family's car and took him to the Union County Hospital. After being stabilized there Logan was transferred to Cardinal Glenn Hospital in Saint Louis, Missouri.
Lori and her son say they're not hero's, they just did what they needed to do, for Logan.
"I'm hoping that it benefited him a little bit. I was sort of hoping to save his foot. Because from what his mom was telling me, he was wanting to play youth football this year," Thompson said.
For now Logan will have to postpone those dreams of playing football, as he recovers in a Saint Louis hospital.
Logan's classmates at Davie Elementary in Anna, are sending him a get well package, filled with cards, crayons, coloring books, and his favorite snacks.
Logan's mother Jennifer Shelton tells Heartland News, that her son must still undergo a couple of more surgeries, and then physical therapy sessions. She's hopeful that she'll be able to bring Logan home in a couple of weeks.