Heartland boy recovering after being shot in the head

Heartland boy recovering after being shot in the head
By: Erica Byfield

Fulton, KY - In late march we told you about an 11-year-old Western Kentucky boy accidentally shot in the head by his older brother.

At the time the Fulton County Sheriff told us the boys were in the back yard testing out a new 22 caliber rifle, when Steven Greer walked in front of gun and was nailed by what seemed like a fatal shot.
Jennifer Price recalls her worst nightmare, "his skull was in the freezer in Memphis for 3 1/2 months.  Before it was placed back into his head, so I had to live with him not having a skull, just a brain for 4 months."
Yet, six months after Steven Greer's tragic accident he's doing far more than anyone expected he's alive, talking, walking and swimming.
"About the week first week I though it was a dream, I just kept thinking and I finally realized it wasn't a dream.  And I just figured the harder I work the faster I'm going to get better," said Steven.
His mother Jennifer Price tells me it's that type of strength and ambition that got her through the tough times.  They spent one agonizing month in a children's hospital in Memphis, where three days after the accident doctors told her to say goodbye. 
But says she was not going to give up hope and ten days later Steven said his first words, "I love you mommy," words she adds she'll never forget.
Soon after Steven realized he couldn't feel the left side of his body, he'd suffered a stroke at eleven, "before I could feel it, I would lay on it at night and I would look for it underneath the covers but I could not find it."
Price then moved him to a different hospital in Atlanta and later a rehab center.
Steven recalls his painful and trying moments relearning how to walk. 
"When we were in Atlanta my feet would swell up at night and I would put ice packs on them and get up and go again."
Steven's recovery would not be possible if it weren't for Kent Martin and Leslie Stone.  They're part of the Air Evac Life Team, based in Martin, Tennessee, that rushed him to Memphis.
"We're glad, we're glad we were able to be there," said Martin. 
Steven said he's beyond thankful and learned one huge lesson from the accident.
"Watch what you're doing and if there's someone else make sure they're behind you."
It may take at least a year for Steven to have full function of his body but in the eyes of his mother and medical personnel each step he takes is a miracle. 
Steven Greer is back in school three days a week at Fulton middle.  He also attends physical therapy on Tuesdays and Thursdays to work on regaining full function of his left side.