Drivers happy to see gas drop to $1.99

Drivers happy to see gas drop to $1.99
By: CJ Cassidy
Cape Girardeau County, MO - It's a very welcomed sign. Gas prices fall below $2 in the Heartland.
No doubt causing many people to count their blessings and their extra money.
It's a sign we've all been hoping for since gas prices soared with the summer heat.
Missouri now leads the nation when it comes to the cheapest gas, with parts of Southeast Missouri paying $1.99.
Gas retailers say several factors came into play, and of course the Midwest has always had the lowest prices in the country.
"I love it. I never thought I'd see it again at $1.99," Bob Deevers of Cape Girardeau says as he fills up at Jaspers in Jackson.
For the first time in a long time, folks like Deevers have a reason to smile at the pump.
"It was a dollar more probably last year, so if you come to Jackson anyway, gas prices are great, so just fill up," he suggests.
"usually I'd have to pay $ 30 for half a tank of gas. I just pumped half a tank at $ 16 , and I know I can put that extra money towards my children's clothing expenses," another woman says.
So, why are prices dropping so much around here?
Retailers say prices usually fall as the summer driving season winds down.
They also say Southeast Missouri is an area where oil pipelines and river barges make for easy access to fuel.
And then, there's the tax structure. Residents of the Show Me State don't pay sales tax on gas, but folks in Illinois do.
Tamms resident Deanna Dodd says just driving across the river can help "bridge the gap."
"It's $2.89 a gallon at the filling station in Tamms," she says, and adds it's more than worth it to drive 45 minutes to save almost a dollar a gallon.
Still, many consumers remain cynical.
"They raise it up to $3, then when it gets down to $2 you're happy with it, although it's still high," Rick Wachter of Altenburg says.
$1.99 is about the lowest you'll see in the Show Me State.
Kentucky and Tennessee also made it to the top ten lowest in the nation.