Man finds body when he buys home

Man finds body when he buys home
By: CJ Cassidy
Perry County, MO - Talk about a case of buyer beware. It may sound bizarre, but it could happen to anyone; especially when you make a deal sight unseen.
A Perry County man recently bought a home from the county tax collector, and found a body inside.
The house was up for sale because the owner hadn't paid his taxes, but authorities say no one realized the owner's brother who lived there had passed away inside.
This is obviously an extreme case, but county leaders say buyers often don't know what they're walking into, when they try to latch on to a good deal.
From the outside, the house on Highway A, looks like an eyesore, and county leaders say the new owner bought it, to tear it down.
What happened next, is something few can imagine, as the new owner came across the body of the previous occupant inside.
Police say he'd been dead for two weeks, of natural causes.
"He went there to look at the house after he bought it at the sale, and that's when it took place," Deputy County Collector Dena Preston says.
She points out the property, assessed at about $1,700 went on sale for only $800, but there's always some risk.
"It might turn out to be a big rock or a cliff, or it might be a lake if you didn't check the property out first," Preston says.
Another factor, the original owner may choose to reclaim the property.
After all they have up to one year to pay delinquent taxes.
That's why county collectors choose auction as the last step.
"We advertise it three times in the paper and we notify the person by certified mail to let them know it's going up for sale," she says.
It also takes three years of not paying your taxes before county leaders take action.
The Perry County Collector also says the properties that go on the auction block most often are vacant lots, and hardly ever actual homes.