Can school children catch asthma at school?

Can school children catch asthma at school?
By: Erica Byfield
Benton, KY - Now that school's back in session, there's a heightened risk your child could catch a cold or even develop asthma.
Recess, is the physical release every child needs; whether it's the monkey bars or a game of catch with friends.  It's also this type of hyperactivity that strikes of cord in Peyton Potter's and Jordan Moss' parents, they have asthma.
"If I run too fast I get to wheezing and I have to take my inhaler and it's usually at recess," said Moss.
"Once I had it real bad and I had to go to the hospital," said Potter.
But it's not only outdoor activity that can leave these little ones out of breath there are some hidden indoor culprits too.
To name a few: cleaning supplies janitors use, a mold in ceiling tiles and furry pets like tinsel the rabbit in Miss Ashley's kindergarten class.
"You have to be organized in an elementary school," said Pam Lampkin the school Health Aid.
She's worked at Benton Elementary School for the past 12 years and says each year there are nearly 30 students wondering the halls with asthma.
"We haven't seen an increase in the numbers," Lampkin added, most students start off the year knowing what to do if they're in trouble and that's the key.
These way health care workers know: first of all they have asthma and secondly how to treat their individual symptoms.
Some students like Peyton Potter have wisdom beyond their years, "you need to pay close attention and don't run all say.  You need to run and then hydrate yourself with some water and sit out a little while and then you can play a bit more."
Potter's father is a local doctor and told the keys to beating an asthma attack.
Lampkin says he's got it right and hopes other students in the Heartland follow Potter's lead.
According to an American Lung Association poll, 73 percent of parents of children with asthma report they're concerned about their child in school, but fewer than half inform the teacher the student has a breathing problem.