Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven

Does it Work Wednesday
Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven
By: Lauren Keith
Ask any kid what their favorite food is, and they usually say, "PIZZA!  I knew I couldn't go wrong having students at Deer Creek Christian Academy to help me out with this week's test. On the Presto Pizzazz box, you see the claim, "Freezer to perfect in minutes!"
So, we preheat the regular oven.  While it's warming up, director Jackie Brandtner and I assemble the Pizzazz oven. It's pretty simple. First you place the pizza on the provided pan, then set it on the oven. Once everything's in place, you plug it in and it immediately starts spinning. The directions also point out, the warming doesn't begin until you turn on the timer.
So, we place one Tony's pepperoni pizza in the oven, and also start the timer on the Pizzazz. Both pepperoni pizzas should take about 13 minutes to cook - not counting the preheating time with the regular oven.
As it turns out, both pizzas are fully cooked at the same time,but again, it did take more time to preheat with the regular oven. So, right now, the Pizzazz lives up to its claim, but how does it taste?
"Mark, would you like to be a tester?" asks Jackie.
Mark steps right up. However, he doesn't know Jackie and I placed the pizza baked on the Pizzazz on the paper plate. The regular pizza is on a napkin. I instruct him to drink some water in between tasting the two mystery slices.
"Crust is really fluffy, but this crust is really good, I like it," he says.
That's one vote for the Pizzazz.  Meantime, another student, Kennedy, chooses the pizza baked in a standard oven. 
"This one is more crispy. I like it better," says Logan Ressel.
So, the Pizzazz takes the lead again.  That is, until another student chooses the regular pizza. So, we're back at a tie. Now it's time for Joseph Yuede to cast the deciding vote.
"I liked this one better. It tasted like it cooked better," he says.
There you have it. The kids think the Presto oven does have some pizzazz after all. However, is it practical?
"It worked well, but not for a family. It cooks one 12 inch pizza, it's not practical for a family," says director Jackie Brandtner. 
The Presto Pizzazz also cost $60 at Kohl's.  So, I agree with Mrs. Brandtner. This product works well, and it might be great for a college student living in a dorm room without an oven, but the sixty dollar price isn't all that practical for everyone. The Presto Pizzazz pizza oven gets a B-.