Church congregation remembers 9-11 tragedy

Church congregation remembers 9-11 tragedy
By: Wes Wallace
Perryville, MO - As people across the country and here at home pause to remember the events of five years ago, members of a Perryville church gather for a time of prayer and reflection.
"It's so important that we don't forget,"  says Reverend Thomas Handrick with the Immanuel Lutheran Church, "That's why we're here for a time of prayer, praise, and thanksgiving."
More than fifty people met at the church to sing, take part in responsive reading, and look back on a day that changed our lives forever.
"We came out tonight to think about all those who died, their families, and those impacted by 9-11,"  says Ron Valleroy.   His wife Linda agrees and adds, "It's something that affects us all, even if we don't live in New York."
Other church members focus on the tragedy itself.  "It's just so sad,"  says Velda Hennemann, "All those people, it's just tragic, and that's why we need to think about them."
Reverend Handrick also says it's important to not look at 9-11 as a need for revenge, but a need for remembrance each and every day.