The Heartland's youth remember September 11th

The Heartland's youth remember September 11th
By: Erica Byfield
Paducah, KY - What do our youngest citizens know about 9-11?
After a talk with a few fourth graders at McNabb Elementary, we found most students know about the importance of 9-11, but seem to be little fuzzy on the details of the attack.
Fourth grades should be all about art, mathematics and English.
"Just learning how to write paragraphs and cursive and everything," said nine year old Cameron Joiner.
But when it comes to recent history, Cameron was only four years old the day of the twin towers attack.
"There were some good people on those planes and the twin towers were where people worked and everything," said Joiner. 
"There were a lot of people that died," said another student, Lee.
Both boys know America's mourning the loss of nearly 3,000 lives, but they're accounts of what happened back in 2001 don't match.
"There was a lot of people that died there was a lot of explosions going on," said Lee.   
"These two guys set bombs on these two planes and the bombs exploded and went into the twin towers," mentioned Joiner. 
"It was sad time for people a lot of people and families were hurt and stuff and the people that did it they weren't very nice they were against us," added Lee. 
Although there are some obvious discrepancies in what they say happened, both say one thing is for sure.  Five years later, America's changed, and they'll have to look to older generations to help them piece together fact from fiction.
"I'm going to ask my mom about some of the stuff that happened and see what she's seen and heard about the attacks," said Lee.